Monday, January 21, 2013

Sometimes you gotta say what pops into your head

I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener,
That is what I truly wish to be,
Cause if I were an Oscar Meyer wiener,
Everyone would be in love with me.

I don't really want to be an Oscar Meyer wiener. And I don't need everyone to be in love with me. But I would very much like to have someone new in my life. I feel like I've done a good amount of subtracting lately without having done any adding, and some days it just makes me feel so off-balanced. I get lonely sometimes, and I want back some of what I'm missing. I have a lot of great people in my life, but for the most part they're all hours away. I need someone who can be here now. That's what I really want. That's what I really wish. If I only get one, we can forget I ever said anything about being an Oscar Meyer wiener.

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    This is the blog entry where Phillip's cousin-in-law announces the name of their baby. His middle name is Meyer (even thought that's what they will call him) because of Oscar.

    This post made me think of that.

    Also, even though I sometimes wonder about them, her blog is HILARIOUS. Especially the recent post where she links to "Mommy Shorts." Her blog is even better.