Thursday, May 9, 2013

I don't want to be the blog entry equivalent of Lisa Loeb's "Stay"

According to the May issue of Cosmo, my mantra this month, as a Gemini, is "Express Yourself."

I can dig it. It's very Madonna.

See, the Cosmo astrologer is urging me to "Write a thought-provoking blog post that captures a big idea."

Yeaaaaahhh, honestly, that sounds like something I'd be inclined to ignore.

Maybe it's because I don't ever really seek to write "thought provoking" blog posts when I decide to write. I'm just kind of throwing thought minutiae and brain clutter out into the corners of the internets.
So do I need to get all introspective and deep now?

Maybe controversial is the way to go.

My horoscope does go on to say that I shouldn't bother with getting distracted by other people's opinions. Because they don't see my master plan.


I mean, tbh, I don't see my whole master plan either, but there's no need to be critical.


But yeah, about that whole "Express yourself" thing...

You see, now I feel like I've been put on the spot. I can't think of any thought provoking things. I'm sure at some point, I've had some thought provoking ideas. But right now everything sounds lame.

Not too long ago I know for sure that I had something cooking up in my brain about Madonna. (She seems to be becoming a recurring theme here...) I dunno. I was just listening to one of her albums and felt like she was speaking to me. There was subject matter there, but I got distracted and yeah...

And then there are those moments when "Sex and the City" kick starts the deep thoughts in my head. I have like, half a blog post written dedicated to the season 4 episode about confronting your ghosts. I was all about that analyzing that episode with a box of tissues in tow. Carrie just gets me. True story.

Of course, now I realize that I start having thought provoking ideas when I feel that celebrity musicians and fictional character are speaking to me. Awesome.

That sounds great. If anyone ever wanted me committed, I've giving them all the evidence they need.

I just know there's something lodged in this head of mine. Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself for greatness. You can't force it. It's gotta come naturally. I don't want to be the blogging equivalent of Lisa Loeb's "Stay."

I don't really know what I mean by that, but it makes sense on some level.

I mean, yes, I love the song and I'm all about interpretive dance and singing it out like nobody's business when I hear it. And it was kind of a hit. Top of the charts 1994...

Just trust me, it totally makes sense in my head. Kinda. A little bit. Just go with it.

Okay, you know what, yes, my horoscope says that my creative juices are flowing and to focus on my imagination, BUT (just re-read this) it also says to commit to a project AFTER the 15th.

Check the date. Yeah...not there yet. 

If the thought-provoking post is my project, then there's still time. I can do this.

And yes, I know there aren't exactly consequences for not listening to this suggestion, but if my creative juices are really flowing, then it could be a missed opportunity. I hate those.

Ever read the Craigslist "Missed Connections"? Heartbreaking.

And that was a joke. Actually, so are just about all of the Craigslist missed connection entries.

But I don't want to squander any creative mojo so I'll give this another shot in a few days.

Of course, I can't help but wonder how things could have been different had the theme of my horoscope been defined by another Madonna song.

And yes, they totally went Madonna with this one, because Pisces, Taurus, and Capricorn were also urged to express themselves in some way or another.

But seriously, "Hung Up" or "Lucky Star" or "Vogue" would have been cool. "Material Girl", yeah, there's definitely something in that one.

"Ray of Light"?

"Like a Virgin"...??

SO many options! Don't you think "Express Yourself" is a little phoned in here?

Get it together, Cosmo. If my imaginary blog readers are disappointed I'm blaming you. You can deal with the angry mobs and hate mail.

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