Sunday, December 16, 2012

We Interrupt These Blogs For a Special Announcement

Sometimes I'm really glad that I never promised my imaginary blog readers a true direction for this blog. I get distracted and it kind of doesn't necessarily have one. If you doubt me, then go back to the first post - it was an introduction. I even say so in the title! And I flat out said that the posts would be funny sometimes and sometimes they wouldn't. But I did promise you hope. That helps when something seems too heavy. Still, honestly, it's like reading directions to read the first post! Nothing good ever comes from not reading the directions.

Like that quiz your teacher gives you where she keeps stressing beforehand that you should read the directions because she knows that if you don't read the directions you won't see that the directions say "Write your name and turn in your paper. Thank you for reading the directions." And then you'll be that kid trying to figure out why the math on this test is so incredibly hard yet half the class is walking up to her desk to turn it in.

Yeah, don't be that kid. On that note, here's another kid that you don't need to be:

That kid who smells like syrup. That kid ruins the air for everybody. Except the extreme pancake and waffle lovers in the room, but seriously, how many of those are around? Or wouldn't they just get extremely jealous that they didn't get syrupy goodness for breakfast and start bullying him? Yeah, this just got real dangerous and into whole new realm of diversity talks wherein you have to stress that "Syrup kid may be different from you, but you shouldn't hate him for his dietary choices." Just wash your hands and your mouth and do whatever it is you need to do so that we can avoid that mess and so I don't have to smell you.

Yeah, okay, so point in case...above. That is not where I was going. Though I may have to write about "that kid" someday. Because there are a lot of kids that are "that kid" that don't need to be "that kid." Grumpy cat hates "that kid."

See? Told ya.

It's just that my thoughts are so very varied. That "non-sensical" in the title really saves me. The "ramblings" doesn't hurt either.

I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm pensive, I'm all kinds of whelmed (even without being in Europe), I'm hopeful, optimistic, and rant-y at times. I'm just a very expressive person. It's my blog and I'll emote if I want to! (Cue music)

Look, I'm just saying, there's a reason there's a scroll option. And direct links to posts. I hope you've learned something here. It could be that I'm a crazy person. Or maybe that it is waaay past my bedtime. (Hint: it is) Hopefully you've learned that that you'll like me a lot better if you just read the directions. And realize that nobody is forcing you to read this blog. I haven't taken to the whole negative reinforcement puppy thing yet.

You would totally understand that last sentence if you read more of my blog. Fine. Here's a pretty little link if you desire understanding.

But I guess I should say thanks, imaginary blog readers. For reading even though I haven't taken to threatening puppies. That kind of warms the heart a little bit.


  1. "I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed... but can you ever just be whelmed?"

    Imaginary Blog Reader

    1. Thank you for being among the imaginary blog readers.